Nice’s revitalized port and Les Pecheurs – yummy!

Nice’s revitalized port and Les Pecheurs – yummy!

by BobP

The Port of Nice has been renovated and is largely pedestrianised. A tramway and dedicated bus route link the port to the city centre and main train station.  It is lovely – more reminiscent of the Italian Riviera with yellow and ocre-coloured buildings and a pretty church – but is kept in far better condition than most of the Italian cities due to the huge investments made by the current city council.


The port area lies from Quai Rauba Capeu by the Chateau to the sailing club, 'Club Nautique' on boulevard Franck Pilatte – boundaries are rue Barla to the North, Place Garibaldi to the west and the Museum Terra Amata (prehistoric man) to the east.  The yachts are amazing – and the large ferries to/from Corsica launch from here – so there is plenty of activity.


On the eastern side, there are a lot of great restaurants.  My favorite is Les Pecheurs (the Fishermen).  The chef is from La Réunion – the French Département in the Indian Ocean.  He successfully mixes Indian, French and Asian flavours in amazingly afforable three-course menus (29 and 39€) with fantastic presentation.  This is Michelin-star quality fare at bargain-basement prices!  We ate there yesterday with Italian friends from Paris – it was fab.  I especially enjoyed the Carpaccio of St Jacques with ginger sorbet – wow!  Dario raved about the Surf and Turf and Matteo's fish soup looked and smelled perfect. The desserts are fabulous too. Anna and I had the cold strawberry soup with Verbena sorbet – good.  But the best ever is their Chocolate fondant with salty caramel – to DIE FOR.  Highly Recommended!!


On the western side, the quartier Segurane has been described as the equivalent of London's Notting Hill due to the high concentration of antique and brocante shops here, plus the regular flea market or marche aux puces.  The Port is linked to the Old Town and modern centre by Place Garibaldi behind the Chateau and by Quai Rauba Capea at the front of the Chateau.


From the port, it is a short walk west to the Old Town with all its artisans' shops and galleries, not forgetting the famous flower market on the Cours Saleya, the Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill) and a couple of beaches, the lovely Parc Vigier and great cafés and restaurants to the east…