J’adore Christian Dior

J’adore Christian Dior

By DarioVDL & Fay H



"I love Paris in the springtime

I love Paris in the fall"

I was floating along with the falling golden leaves and then the alarm clock rang!!

It was 6am, this was the day and I was bubbling over with excitement – was it all a dream??

NO it was true!

I had an invitation on my bedside table to be a special guest at the House of Dior.

I looked out of my bedroom window – YES La tour Eiffel was still there!

and I could see all those wonderful pictures of The New look in 1947 floating through my mind.







How lucky am I?


I breakfasted on croissants and chocolate chaud (to give me extra energy for the day ahead),

and having selected my attire for the visit the previous evening, stroked the feather in my hat

and jumped into the waiting car at 5 30 pm.

My excitement level was rising as we slipped in and out of the side streets to arrive at the "quartier of haute couture" at precisely 5 55pm.

Today Globe Bleu was about to enjoy the celebrated

" Vendage de L'avenue Montaigne " – what a treat.

Everyone from the movie stars who were flown in especially to enjoy the occasion, fashion gurus and stylists, was stunned by the floral decoration of this exclusive event.

The scent which wafted through the air was simply heavenly.

"The New Look" in 1947 created by Dior was to become the icon of this leading fashion house. He wanted to redefine the essence of a woman and he created a revolution in dressing this shapely form.










Original new look





















The Duchess of Windsor's famous Christian Dior "Lahore" evening gown, a midnight blue velvet design created especially to produce her signature "Wallis" looks, was purchased by Madame Katell le Bourhis of Christian Dior for $26,450.

The House of Dior was eager to purchase the gown for three reasons: One, it was the first dress purchased by the Duchess of Windsor from Christian Dior in 1948 and she continued to be a faithful client for the rest of her life; two, it was a very unusual dress at the time with its very modern, sleek and fitted design; and finally, because it was part of the landmark exhibition celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Christian Dior at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute in New York in 1996.

At the opening gala celebration for the exhibition, Diana, Princess of Wales attended wearing her first Christian Dior gown, created by John Galliano, also sleek and in midnight blue.





 Every woman wants to have a defined waist and this was "par excellence".





Having shared this prestigious event I can now recommend wholeheartedly – this is experience to be coveted.

I showed my gratitude, by arriving with a bouquet of fresh Lily of the valley-the favorite bloom of Christian Dior.

They were very happy to receive this small but meaningful gesture (the very least that I could do!).

Soon I was gazing upon the latest revolution in Dior creations — WOW.

It was SO exciting, it took away my breath.

Whilst Dior himself had dressed the likes of the Duchess of Windsor and Pamela Churchill in his day, now  in 2009 it is Madame Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Sharon Stone and Scarlett Johansson – who are the great ambassadors of this leading house of haute couture.









The waist is still defined and the mid calf length is venerated (he stated that it had to be 16 inches from the ground) but the grosgrain, wool and taffeta have given way to buttery calf skin and silk chiffon in the latest reincarnations.










The elegant "flying saucer hat" has now been updated by a "naughty" black chiffon eye mask!

This was a theme to be exploited!!























The lingerie to compliment the 2009 NEW LOOK was equally tantalizing!


I could not wait to have my last glass of champagne and send this exciting news to you MMmmmmmm
























































Next journey: Incognito chez Christian Dior hometown.

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