A Francophile foodie’s fantasy tour

A Francophile foodie’s fantasy tour

gourmet-paris-foodie-tour-michelin-starOne of Globe Bleu’s latest new and innovative itineraries is a Paris gourmet themed experience.  Globe Bleu provides exclusive access to a true French culinary star Thomas Boullaut who earned his first Michelin star at the tender age of 28.

Today, he presides over another Michelin-starred restaurant, L’Arome, (8th arrondissement) where critics have praised his use of the highest-quality products in creative dishes, each based on a single flavor. He truly embodies joie de vivre and is a wonderful guide to France’s culinary heritage.

You’ll learn about how Thomas chooses his ingredients, from flowers to heirloom vegetables, many of which have become rare in modern cooking. Even ingredients that you may think you know well—arugula, wild greens, seasonal fruits, squash—reveal their complexity when Thomas explains the nuances of their flavors.

Globe Bleu President Bob Preston tested the new tour in June and is convinced that this exclusive experience with Thomas is a must for any foodie or Francophile who wants to better understand the cuisine that is at the center of the country’s culture.

Imagine going behind the scenes at Paris’s best markets, discovering exciting ways of preparing heirloom vegetables and sampling new recipes in incredible venues, not to mention visiting one of 3 operating vineyards in the city – hidden to all but a select few…

Intrigued?  View the full itinerary description and request the trip here. [hr]

And, to prepare for the trip, you can brush up on your cooking skills by testing one of Chef Thomas’ recipes for the classic French pastry, mille-feuille, commonly known as the Napoleon.

Click here for the original post of Chef Thomas Boullault’s mille-feuille recipe (in French).  For your convenience, we’ve translated that recipe for you here.  Enjoy!

– 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream
– confectioner’s sugar
– custard:
– 25 cl of milk
– 75 g egg yolks
– 50 g sugar
– 25 g custard powder
– 4 g Gelatin
– 30 g butter
– 125 g whipped cream
– 1 stick vanilla
 – caramel crisp:
– 210 g butter
– 350 g sugar
– 105 g ​​of egg white
– 210 g flour
For the custard, boil the milk with the vanilla stick, split and scraped. Mix the egg yolks and sugar. Pour a little milk over the yolks and mix, then add the yolks to the saucepan of milk. Stir in powdered cream. Stir and cook. Stir in soaked gelatin in cold water and butter, then stir. Stir in the whipped cream. Cool and refrigerate.
For caramel crisp, spread the softened butter. Add sugar, egg whites and flour. Lay the unit on a baking sheet and bake at 180 ° C for 10-12 minutes. Break into pieces.  Make several layers of pastry and broken caramel in a jar or glass.
Add a scoop of ice cream and sprinkle the confectioner’s sugar.