Elie Saab dressing the Stars … Paris Fashion Week – Prêt-à-Porter – 2010

Elie Saab dressing the Stars … Paris Fashion Week – Prêt-à-Porter – 2010

By DarioVDL


Welcome to another busy day in Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2010 together with Bruno from Brazil we are so delighted to be at the show …



Being one
of the first foreign Designers accepted at “La Chambre Syndicale de Haute
Couture de Paris" together with Giorgio Armani and Valentino is a tribute to Saab's talent.


Hatcherelie saab




Monsieur Elie Saab has attired
numerous Hollywood Stars such as Beyoncé At The Golden Globes 2009,
Evangeline Lilly, Allison Janney, Halle Berry (Oscar winer 2000), Jeri Ryan,
Sheryl Crow, Maria Bello, Beauvais Nilon, Debra Messing, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria,
Marcia Cross, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emmanuelle Beart, Diana Kruger, Christina
Aguilera, Jenifer, Sophie Marceau, Angelina Jolie

Entry to the world of Elie Saab with help from Globe Bleu's black book of connections :




Nelly and Dita


After the entry of Nelly Furtado and Dita Von Teese we all were ready to discover

"l'élégance réinventée"


Black sand covers the floor, iridescent in the

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The color palette is one of the desert sky from dusk
to midnight.


From soft twilight beige to sunset red from evening
blues to deep midnight black,


A high-waisted silhouette is accentuated by epaulettes
and metallic embroidery.

Nevertheless gold and bronze stones in the hip pocket
to recreate the atmosphere

of an adventurous summer night of rock.

Nelly Furtado and Elie Saab

It was fabulous to experience the lights, the colors and the music.  Elie Saab's collection was fabulous.

I can not wait to attend to the next show in January 2010

Experience High Fashion…

Dario van der Lundin